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Safety Skills

We equip your people with essential safety skills.

Our training programs ensure your organisation is compliant with legislation by giving your people a solid understanding of risk management practices specific to their job role. We offer both accredited and non-accredited training programs across different levels.

Risk Management – Worker

RIIRIS301D Accreditation

These programs cover the fundamental risk management skills to a task-based level, including:

  • Hazard and risk identification
  • Assessment of risk
  • Implementation of controls
  • Monitoring of control effectiveness
  • Use of risk management tools

Risk Management – Leader

RIIRIS402A Accreditation

These programs focus on developing a leader’s ability to coach, manage and embed effective risk management practices. The training covers:

  • The risk management process
  • The risk assessment process
  • Risks, hazards and controls
  • Assessment of risk
  • Risk ranking, evaluation and control plans
  • Monitoring and review
  • Facilitation

Customised Training Solutions

Aframes Safety can develop training solutions to target specific safety risks for your organisation.

Contact us to find out more.