Specialists in creating a positive safety culture.

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Our Approach

At Aframes Safety, our approach goes beyond traditional safety training and systems.

We don’t stop at teaching your workers how to manage risk. We build on this by developing high-performing people with the mental ability to think and act safely - every shift. We focus on defining and creating a positive safety culture that’s embodied by every member of your workforce.


About Aframes Safety

Safety is about more than skills and structure. It’s about people. And it should be simple and easy for everyone to understand.

If your people approach each task with a mindful and engaged mind, they have the best opportunity to complete it safely – every time. Aframes Safety can help you achieve a positive, high-performance safety culture.


Our People

Our experienced professionals are experts in providing highly effective and sustainable safety solutions across a broad range of industries throughout Australia.

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Safety Solutions Aframes Safety takes the extra step to help you reach your safety goals.

We equip your people with essential safety skills.


We embed a safety structure tailored to your organisation.


We empower your people with the mental control to apply their skills to every task.


Talk to us about how we can create a sustainable culture of safety in your organisation.