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If you’re anything like most companies, your leaders are probably chosen first and foremost because they were good ‘on the tools’, they were high performing operators and were promoted primarily due to this fact alone. The trouble with this approach becomes quickly apparent. Tools don’t have feelings…

There is an old saying, “If you don’t know where your’e going, any road will get you there”. And when it comes to getting the culture you want in your business, the thinking is no different. I am regularly amazed at the blank looks I get from senior management when I ask “What is the culture that you want?”.

Complacency kills. Right? And if we could just make sure that every worker is switched on and vigilant at every moment, we would have a lot less complacency, and incidents to deal with. Sounds easy but there is one small hurdle,, it’s in our nature, or in the nature of our mind in any case, to want to take the shortest..

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