Our purpose

Our purpose is to create a positive, high performance safety culture where people are not only safe but are pro-active, highly engaged and productive. We believe in creating leaders that are focussed on achieving zero harm through innovative solutions that embed a positive, high-performance mindset towards safety in the workplace.

Alistair Schuback
CEO, Aframes Safety

Our story

Risk management and safety culture has come a long way over the last 30 years with significantly reduced safety incidents across high-hazard industries as a result.

Despite this, too many workers in Australia are still being seriously injured, are contracting illness or disease, sometimes fatally. The impact on families, communities and organisations is significant and yet avoidable.

Recognising these challenges, Aframes Safety was established in 2006 with a mission to improve safety culture across high-hazard organisations by ensuring that individuals have the right mindset, where they can approach every task with an engaged, risk aware and methodical attitude. We firmly believe that this requires safety strategies that go beyond skills and systems and in particular, that target key organisational challenges impacting risk management:

• Negative cultures and disengaged workers;
• Poor risk decision making practices;
• Entrenched beliefs and behaviours.

Our team of experts provide highly innovative, practical and relevant solutions that deliver quantifiable safety performance and productivity gains across organisations of all shapes and sizes – from local councils to multi-national mining companies. Our success is evident in the meaningful impact we have made upon the lives of 15,000+ workers over the last decade.

Our values


We stay focused on safety outcomes from the worker’s perspective


We embrace honesty and challenge with respect


We empower each other to deliver superior outcomes

Our customers

Leading organisations trust our risk management and safety culture products and services.

Our experts are recognised specialists in high-risk industries, including mining, energy, manufacturing, engineering and construction, having delivered training to 15,000+ workers over the last decade.

"We engaged Alistair to help train our employees and contractors in developing a better understanding of identifying hazards and risk management. He was able to communicate to our mining teams on their level and the feedback from the training was very positive. With the help of Alistair our Stop Take 5’s and JHA’s improved, and hazard reporting increased. Alistair has a solid understanding of H&S systems and I would highly recommend him."
Joe Nicholson Joe Nicholson Safety Manager Peak Gold Mine
"Alistair’s passion and expertise in risk management and overall ensuring the wellbeing of people in our industry is outstanding. He is a driven leader in preventing harm to people and has strong coaching attributes that help to embed the learning into a business. Alistair demonstrated to me his innovation and continuous improvement ideals, and for these, I would highly recommend him for any project or business that is wanting to create or improve their safety culture."
Renata Roberts Renata Roberts Group Manager HR & Systems at The Bloomfield Group
"Alistair Schuback is a switched-on, talented consultant, specialising in WHS advice and training. During my tenure as Safety Manager at BHP Billiton’s Appin Mine, Alistair trained our workers and supervisors in risk management concepts and methodologies. He communicated the topic in a practical and accessible way that engaged the workers and their learning successfully transferred into the workplace. His versatile, engaging and authentic style produced a high quality result at Appin."
Tony Cartwright Tony Cartwright Safety Manager (ex), BHP Billiton - Appin Mine

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