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About Aframes Safety

We enable your people to bring the safest versions of themselves to every shift.

Aframes Safety is an innovative, Australian-based safety consultancy that focuses on the human side of safety. We’ve worked with a range of organisations in industries including mining, energy, manufacturing, engineering and construction. Our methodology works by combining safety skills and structures with high performance thinking strategies. The result is a team of high-performing people who have an ongoing awareness about working safely.

What we do:

  • We equip your people with essential safety skills.
  • We embed a safety structure tailored to your organisation.
  • We empower your people to apply their skills their skills to perform well at each and every task.

Alistair Schuback
Safety Culture Specialist – Founder of Aframes Safety

Safety Culture Specialist

Alistair has over fifteen years frontline experience in safety cultural change. Having personally trained over 15,000 Australian workers over 17 years, Alistair’s practical experience has delivered solid results in the traditionally difficult cultural industries such as mining and construction.

His new, innovative approach involves a unique blend of mindfulness-based, high-performance thinking strategies and risk management processes and is at the forefront of safety culture thinking internationally.

He has performed research with government bodies, has presented at national and international conferences and is passionate about making safety a positive pursuit.

He continues to work for numerous international companies including Komatsu, Schindler, Ausgrid, Xstrata, South 32, Byrnecut, Newcrest and John Deere.

Safety Solutions Aframes Safety takes the extra step to help you reach your safety goals.

We equip your people with essential safety skills.


We embed a safety structure tailored to your organisation.


We empower your people with the mental control to apply their skills to every task.