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Safety Culture

Create your positive safety culture. 

We empower your people with the mental control to apply their skills to every task. Our innovative Mindful Safety Program goes beyond traditional behavioural-based safety systems. We condition your people in the high-performance thinking strategies necessary to achieve zero harm. By positively changing your people’s belief systems, we aim to create ongoing and innate behaviour changes about safety.

We build a positive safety culture by utilising mindfulness-based, high-performance thinking strategies to embed a workforce mindset that produces the right outcomes.

Mindful Safety Worker Program

These customised programs cover:

  • Establishing safety purpose
  • Safety and mindfulness, including how the mind works and controlling thoughts
  • Effective Thought Processes
  • Mental and emotional control
  • How behaviours, emotions and beliefs are connected
  • Safety culture definition

Mindful Safety Leader Program

These customised programs cover:

  • Safety culture management
  • Managing mental load for workers and leaders
  • Changing safety culture and embedding it in the workplace
  • Conditioning high-performance safety and thinking techniques
  • Mentoring program – one-on-one coaching to assist Leaders to embed their understanding and increase their ability to champion high-performance safety thinking on-site

Other Mindful Safety programs

The above programs can be combined with:

  • Safety culture interaction process
    • Observation of individuals performing a task to identify and feed-back positive or negative safety behaviours
Safety Solutions Aframes Safety takes the extra step to help you reach your safety goals.

We equip your people with essential safety skills.


We embed a safety structure tailored to your organisation.


We empower your people with the mental control to apply their skills to every task.